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Where is my Brain

Where is my Brain game was released on 10th March, 2017.

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Where is my Brain is the world of robots and human. Your mission is to control the robots which are degraded. Player have to cancel or fail all the plans of the evil devils. Save the whole world from the menace. Your memory is erased and there is nothing you remember. The game is set in a futuristic world where the inhabitants are humans and robots. You will be controlling an outdated robot and your mission is to stop the evil plans of Master Bot so that you can save the world from the menace. Explore the surrounding and collect the things. These things will help you remember things from the past. Shoot every robot coming in your way. Sure you will love to play.

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Major Properties of  Where is my Brain

The following features are there as follow:-

Great action game.

The world of human and robots are furious one.

You have to take over a free robot.

Player have to fail plans of Master Bot.

Explore the surrounding and collect the new things.

Artworks of the game are good.

Music is robots type.

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The game Where is my Brain  PC Requirements

These are the Minimum Requirements For This Game:-
The Windows which support this game are:-XP/Vista/7/8+8.1
Size of this Game :- 9GB
Space on Hard disk you need:-3.9GB
Random Access Memory (RAM):- 2GB
Central Processing Unit(CPU):-Intel Core i5

Where is my Brain Free Download

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