Following is OceanofGames’s policies in relation to notices and takedown notices as required by the Digital Millennium Copyright (“DMCA”). The following applies to any and all copyright or trademark and owners of intellectual property interested in utilizing this procedure, as well as service users interested in restoring access to material mistakenly taken down. OceanofGames is an Internet Service Provider under Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 512. The DMCA provides a legal procedure by which you can request any Internet Service Provider to disable access to a website where your copyrighted work(s) are appearing without your permission or authorization. The legal procedure consists of only one part:

Completing a Proper DMCA Notice

1. Identify yourself as an owner of copyrighted work or exclusive rights that you believe were infringed, or a person acting on behalf of such owner.
2. Identify the location of materials that allegedly are infringing your copyrighted work, by providing Web URLs on the site that contain these materials. Please don’t send attached images, pdf, or other file formats files, but only list with web URLs.
3. State that you have “a good faith belief that use of the aforementioned material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agents, or the law”.
4. It’s better to state your contact information, including your name, street address, phone number, and email address.
5. Identify the copyrighted work that you believe is being infringed, or if a large number of works are being infringed, a representative list of the works.
6. Your notice it better to be signed with a physical signature (in paper form) or an electronic signature (when it is in electronic form).

Sending the Counter-notification

To exercise your DMCA rights, you must send your notification to the “designated Agent” for OceanofGames, whose contact information is:

For clarity, only DMCA notices should go to OceanofGames`s designated (registered) DMCA Agent. You acknowledge that if you fail to comply with all of the requirements of this section, your DMCA notice may not be valid. Thank you for your understanding.

OceanofGames is committed to cooperating with any and all legal authorities if an investigation should arise.

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