Tarzan PC Game Download Free

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2016)

Tarzan PC Game Download free, Complete version , start playing and have fun.

 Release date of Tarzan PC game is 1999 for Microsoft Windows.

Tarzan PC Game Download

Tarzan PC is based on the tarzan movie. In tarzan game Guerillas raises a boy in the jungle, he grow like a wild guerilla game. Tarzan learns all the skills of guerillas very efficiently.

He climbs and hunts just like guerillas. A day comes when a human hunter Clayton come to jungle in search of geurillas to hunt them. Tarzan have to save the georillas because they are his family.


Tarzan game is so interesting. Have to play three levels which have easy, medium and hard scores.Tarzan have to fight even with animals to protect his family.

3D engine includes in this game. Sound effect is so realistic that you really feel in the jungle. You must try this game because it deserves a try.


Game have Some of the major Properties in it

The following features are there as follow:-.

Interesting games of adventures.

Story is amazing.

Artwork detail is so great.

Music is realistic.


Tarzan PC Game Download game has these PC Requirements
These are the Minimum Requirements For This Game:-
The Windows which support this game are:-XP/Vista/7
Space on Hard disk you need:- 800 MB
Random Access Memory (RAM):- 256 MB
Central Processing Unit(CPU):-400 MHz

Online and full secure link of the Tarzan PC Game Free Download is below ,Click and download fully freely and enjoy the game.

Updated: November 27, 2016 — 1:33 pm