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SnipZ PC Game 2017

SnipZ PC game was released on 24th March, 2017.

SnipZ Free Download

SnipZ PC game is the action game. This game is set in the old world. A world which is destroyed by the blood sucking wilds known as zombies. Now you are the only brave man who stood up for protection of man kind and to protect them from harm and damage. The equipment you have are the strong weapons can be used against the zombies. You need to clear all the 8 parts from these blood thirsty zombies. Player will also be given a purification device. After the destruction of the few amount of zombies they will come to know the cause of their death that is the purification device. Zombies will go for the destruction of the device. Now you have to protect the device because if it will be destructed by zombies then they will destroy all the man kind. You will surely enjoy playing the game.

SnipZ Download For Free

Major Properties of SnipZ PC game

The following features are there as follow:-

Great adventure game.

Game set is the destroyed world.

Try to manage good weapons for your defense.

Clear out all the zombies from the eight zones.

Display of the game is worth praise.

Music of the game is amusing.

SnipZ Features

PC Requirements SnipZ PC game

These are the Minimum Requirements For This Game:

The Windows which support this game are:-XP/Vista/7/8+8.1

Size of this Game :- 502.2 MB

Space on Hard disk you need:- 1.5 GB

Random Access Memory (RAM):-  4 GB

Central Processing Unit(CPU):- Intel Core i3 or later.

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