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Fitgirl Repack

I’ve checked my site stats recently and found some interesting stuff about the countries and pages you visit. But I think that real stories are much better than pure digits.

So, would you kindly tell me (and all of us) about yourself, my dear user?

Where are you from?

What do you do for a living?

How did you know about me and my repacks?

I’m very interested! But please don’t share info that can deanonymize you. If you live in a small city or have a very specific profession in a tiny community, just omit that. Who knows who’s watching us here? 🙂

Update: Guys, I read all comments… They are astonishing. I think this exact page should be shown to anybody who asks “Why are doing repacks?”. Poor countries, wealthy countries, doctors, aliens from ISS, lumberjacks, teachers, students, old, young. And all of you come to me for my repacks… I’m very touched. Thank you for all your support!

FitGirl is a scene group that releases pirated video games for PC. Been around for a couple of years now.

You can find their releases on various warez sites across the internet

Not sure if it’s legal to talk about it here though.

However, if you want to know what a repack itself is, it’s a highly compressed package of the data files needed by a video game to install itself onto your PC. Like, suppose if you buy a legit digital version of some PC game, you will have to download a specified size in order to install it on your PC. However, if you download a repack of the same game, its download size is smaller (because it is compressed) and it has its own installer and doesn’t need a game client software like Steam (coz it is illegal of course :))
fitgirl repack site

Basically “FitGirl” is a person (or group of people) that “repack” games. What does this mean? It means they download the game, and then they “compress” these files (literally, electronically squeeze them) so that they take up less space when you download them. This can turn a 100GB game into just a 20GB download! The downside, however, is when you want to install or “unpack” this game, it will take a LOT longer! fitgirl repack site