The gaming industry has certainly come a long way. We have video game releases that can be compared to some blockbuster films, both in terms of spectacle and profit. The gaming industry nowadays generates billions of dollars, and the products themselves are better than ever, at least in most people’s

The success of video games has also led to the broader success of gaming as a whole. For example,iGaming is a huge part of the gambling industry today. For those who aren’t aware, iGaming refers to any and all forms of online gambling. Anyone who has spent time at an online casino has participated in the iGaming industry, whether knowingly or not.

For those who may not know, online casinos are the latest craze in the world of gambling. You can access these sites using any of electronic device, as long as you have a strong connection to the internet. If you’ve ever had an interest in gambling, but had no time to visit a casino, online gambling websites provide a great alternative.

The success of the video game industry has also had a huge impact on the independent game developer boom. Thanks to platforms like Steam, indie developers have an easier time releasing their low-budget games. And, many of these games are reminiscent of the old-school, SNES games, on whose backs modern gaming has been built.

Skul – The Hero Slayer

Released in 2021, Skul: The Hero Slayer is a roguelike-action platformer game, with clear inspirations from the Legend of Zelda and the Megaman franchise. The player takes control of a small skeleton, who must fight against the Heroic forces of the Caroleon Kingdom in order to rescue the Demon King. Along
the way, Skul learns something about the Demon King, the Heroic Kingdom, and even about himself. What makes Skul interesting is the fact that you can switch out the main character’s powerset throughout the game. You can become a werewolf, a gargoyle, a ninja, or a samurai. For fans of video games and all things geek, Skul also features a ton of references to other mediums, including Dragon Ball, Pirates of the Caribbean, Predator, and Dead Cells.

Shovel Knight

Take up your shovel and face off against the Witch Queen’s army in 2014’s Megaman-inspired Shovel Knight game. This 2D side-scrolling platformer is the perfect spiritual successor to one of the most popular games of all time. The player controls the Shovel Knight, a blue-armored, shovel-wielding hero, with only one goal in mind: to save his friend and possible romantic partner, Shield Knight. He must defeat the Order of no Quarter, as well as the Evil Enchantress who controls them.

Binding of Isaac

The story behind The Binding of Isaac is an interesting tale in its own right. However, we have no time to go over it here. What we want to discuss is the game itself. The dungeon-crawler, roguelike game featuring a small boy blasting his enemies with his own tears has garnered quite a reputation. Created by indie developers EdmundMcMillen and Florian Himsl, tBoI is one of the biggest success stories in indie development. With notoriously difficult gameplay, a dark, poignant story about religious trauma, and incredible visuals, the Binding of Isaac is worth anyone’s time.


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