As we all are well aware of the fact that the official full scale stage debut of Grand Theft Auto 6 can happen anytime in the next year. All because with the GTA 6 trailer already making its way into the market in Dec ’23, its debut release year was fixed for 2025. Adding to that, seeing the spread of the GTA fanbase, i.e., on a global scale, there will be a lot of expectations from GTA 6. 

Must Offer A Flawless Gaming Experience To Retain Its Image

In other words, it must provide us gamers with a flawless gaming experience to retain its image. And that is why, there are some aspects with their origins in GTA online and GTA 5 that must be left behind, when it comes to GTA 6. To get more detailed information in this regard visit webpages like CSGOSmurfNinja, who deal in affordable GTA 5 modded accounts as well. 


GTA 6 Has Big Shoes to Fill Come Year

Given the fact that both GTA 5 and GTA Online enjoyed huge commercial successes on a global scale, the latter of which is still making big bucks for GTA maker: Rockstar Games, GTA 6 has to meet huge expectations, when it comes on stage in 2025. 


Additionally, there are some huge modifications, like Lucia, the female lead, arriving in GTA 6, with the potential to shake up GTA big time. At the same time, there are voices coming from the GTA community that the heir, i.e, GTA 6 must not include some of the features from its predecessors. 


GTA 6 Should Re-engineer Its Mechanics and Make Them Better

While it is common for the video game industry to keep critical elements from the predecessors alive in heir franchises. But, when it comes to GTA series, the huge time difference between GTA 5 and GTA 6 stage debut renders certain GTA 5 features outdated, and hence irrelevant to the future releases. Furthermore, if you have a Microsoft XBox, and want yourself ready for GTA 6 in advance, then buying modded GTA accounts Xbox One is the best option. They are easily available at CSGO Smurf Ninja at competitive prices. 


GTA 5 and GTA Online Features Not Preferred in GTA 6


1. GTA 6 Must Address the Issue of Items and Grinding

Despite the reality that grinding has been a longstanding part of gaming, the pricing mechanism in GTA 5, is by all means, ridiculous. Yes, we (GTA community) tried to make things work in GTA San Andreas. But when it comes to buying real estate, the very recent version forced gamers to labour for hours, or resort to the use of illegal cheat codes, all thanks to the unjustified pricing. 


Unfortunately, GTA online was no better in this regard. It faced a similar issue with its paywalls, meant to increase Shark Card sales. And, while the necessity for in-game purchases is understood, GTA 5’s pricing mechanism is in the need of a major overhaul. Try GTA 5 modded accounts available at industry competitive prices from online platforms like CSGOSmurfNinja to enjoy different GTA versions. 


2. Unimpressive Character Personalization

A lot has changed in the worldwide gaming industry ever since GTA 5 and GTA online made their debut. And this is the very reason that has prompted the GTA community (spread globally) to push the developer: Rockstar Games, to come up with a revolutionary change in the existing landscape. To begin with, GTA Online’s clothing animations are completely out of time, as gamers frequently complain about being unable to collect accessories for their characters. 


In other words, it seems that Rockstar has implemented an unofficial dress code, that restricts players from wearing a watch with party shirts, or suits, or even suit vests with a tie. Not to mention, these restrictions extend to automobiles, as gamers are unable to change the stripe liveries colours in GTA online. You can experience this on your own with modded GTA accounts Xbox One from CSGO Smurf Ninja


3. Unfair NPC Shooting Skills

Few things anger GTA Online players more than the Chuck Norris-esque overpowered AI bot shooting on display. Several controllers ended up dead early during missions, after NPCs (Non-Player Characters) were successful in connecting with perfect headshots, whilst firing randomly from cover. GTA Online’s AI is let-off for its flaws due to its old-age, but they will not show the same attitude, if the trend continues in GTA 6. 


Final Words

As is the trend, here we will part our ways for today, with a brief summary, of all that we have learned today. To begin with, GTA 6 debut has been confirmed, all thanks to the trailer release in Dec ‘2023. Post that, GTA 6 must offer a flawless gaming experience to make it big like its predecessors. 


In other words, it has pretty big shoes to fill whenever it comes on the stage in 2025. Last but not least, the list of GTA 5 and GTA online features not preferred in GTA 6, accompanied by a thorough detail about what is wrong with them that disqualifies them for GTA 6.