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We are getting your file from a High Speed Cloud Server Network. Files are served from secure dedicated serves configured with the best software stack, Ubuntu plus Nginx. Using Content Delivery Network CDN we are able to provide you fast download speed in all regions. So you can experience quick and instant file transfer. No more waiting. Single click downloading. Resume download manger support. Rest assured, the files are untouched, what you are getting is a safe and clean download of official version. Our cloud servers are configured to run antivirus scan on files for any unwanted malware. Our cloud hosting boasts the highest levels of performance in the industry. The storage infrastructure of our cloud solution utilizes Solid Fire hardware.
We tested equipment from several manufacturers and found that Solid Fire was the only one able to provide the high performance levels we demanded. With our SolidFire SSD based SAN storage backend is able to provide lOPS levels that are unmatched by virtually any other cloud hosting provider. If you’ve got a database heavy application, or just need the highest levels of performance for your project, our cloud is for you. Fast storage is just the first part of a high performance cloud. The next piece of the puzzle is lightning fast connectivity within the storage infrastructure. Our high performance cloud storage is SAN based. What that means is that the speed and power of all of our SSD storage is brought together. All that power is harnessed for your project so your never slow down. The backbone of a powerful SAN is fast network connectivity between all the nodes. Connectivity in this case, comes from the fastest networking equipment available. Our SAN is interconnected with Arista networking equipment. As with our storage solution, our engineers investigated solutions from a myriad of hardware suppliers. After weeks of testing the decision was made to utilize equipment from Arista. It was the only solution that was able meet the stringent connectivity specifications laid out by our engineering & executive management teams. All of our SAN nodes connect to the network using bonded 1 Og ports.
What that means is that each node can connect to the Internet at 20 gigabits. Inside the cloud, where keeping speed high is absolutely crucial to ensuring the highest levels of performance, connectivity is even faster. 80 gigabits fast to be precise. This is some of the fastest connectivity available. It’s what helps make the TSS Cloud one of the fastest cloud deployments that you’ll find anywhere!

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