Did you think ludo is a game of luck? It is understandable how you might be confused. Having to roll the dice and pray to the three sisters of fate to intervene and give a six has millions of ludo players split between this board game being a game of luck or skills. Sorry to burst your bubble. Ludo is a game of strategy. Players can improve their winning chances by carefully evaluating the rewards and risks of each move they make. In essence, rolling the dice is a small part of the ludo game. How you move the tokens according to the number on the dice is the real game-changer. Therefore, your chances of success in the game can only increase if you make calculated decisions. So, if you are considering partaking in online ludo multiplayer tournaments, don’t go into it blindly. It is ideal to have a clear ludo game strategy to beat your opponents. To help you create a foolproof strategy, this article analyzes the concept of risk versus reward in this game and how it affects gameplay. The article also explores the different factors one must consider when deciding different ludo moves. Let’s go.

●     Assessing the positions of the tokens

Where are your tokens placed in the current game? This is among the critical factors to consider while deciding your next move.  The current location of your token determines the risks and rewards of your move. For example, if three of your tokens are out and you rolled a six on the device, you must decide whether you want to take out the fourth token or take one of your tokens closer to the safer zone to reduce the risk of getting captured. The latter option is a safer choice and may not yield high rewards, especially if you don’t roll another six for three or four turns. Then, one of your tokens will be stuck inside, and more may follow if your opponents capture them. On the other hand, letting the token that’s closer to the safety zone stay where it is and taking out the fourth token may yield higher rewards. Since rolling a six gives you another chance to roll the dice, you may even get the opportunity to take your other token closer to the safety zone at the same time.

●     Analyze the position of your opponent’s tokens

The position of your opponent’s tokens is another essential factor to consider when thinking of your next move. For example, moving your token to capture your opponent’s token may be deemed as a high reward move, but it may carry the risk if the tokens of your opponents are nearby and they are in a position to retaliate. Therefore, before moving your token, you must weigh the pros and cons. Analyze the rewards of capturing your opponent’s token against the risks of losing your own token.

●     Check the number you’ve rolled on the dice

Nothing happens in the game of ludo without the number rolled on the dice. Therefore, it plays an essential role in making strategic decisions. If the number rolled on the dice is higher, it may yield higher rewards as you can move ahead on the board. But, it may also carry risks of getting captured if you move nearer to your opponent’s tokens. On the other hand, if you roll a lower number on the device, it might not offer much progress. However, it may place you in a safer location where your opponents cannot capture your tokens.

●     Analyze the playing style of your opponents

It is quite a difficult task to assess the playing style of your opponents during an online match. However, observing their moves may help you a great deal. Each ludo player has their unique preferences and style of playing. Some opt for a cautious approach, while others prefer aggressive gameplay with higher rewards and risks. You must also understand your own playing style. Accordingly, evaluate the risk versus reward of each move and then make an informed decision.

●     Study the game situation

Studying the overall game situation, like the positions of your opponent’s tokens, the current score, and the proximity of your tokens to the finish line, will assist you in evaluating the drawbacks and rewards of your next move. For example, if your opponents are ahead of you in scores and you are trailing behind, you may need to take higher risks to achieve higher rewards. These risks might be necessary for you to move up the leaderboard. Also, if you have an advantage in the game, you might want to adopt a more conservative approach so that your advantage is safeguarded.

Final thoughts

To sum up, assessing the risks versus rewards in ludo is an essential aspect of strategically planning your gameplay. You must consider factors like the number rolled on the dice, the position of your opponent’s tokens, the location of your tokens, the gameplay style of your opponents and yourself, and the overall game situation. These factors will help you make an informed decision and gain a competitive edge over your opponents. So, are you all set to increase your chances of winning ludo matches? Give your online opponents a run for their money by analyzing every move and having a strategic plan in place. All the best!