Ginger Beyond the Crystal Game 2016 PC Download Ginger Beyond the Crystal free, Complete version game , start playing and have fun.
Ginger Beyond the Crystal was released on 25th October, 2016.
Ginger Beyond the Crystal
In this game a crystal explodes and destroy the world. Every thing vanished and the people disappeared. Ginger is your last hope who needs to establish a connection with the goddess. You can establish the connection by removing the dirt that is spread due to the crystal explosion. Purifying is not easy you have to save your self from many things. You have 14 levels to complete. You can seek help from other things to upgrade the ability. To defeat the enemies you have to play puzzles. All the three worlds have their own stories and enemies respectively.

Game have Some of the major Properties in it

The following features are there as follow:-
Great adventure game.
Crystal exploded and world destroyed.
Need to make a connection with the goddess.
You have to clean the crystals.
15 levels are included.
Three worlds to be searched.

The game has these PC Requirements

These are the Minimum Requirements For This Game:-
The Windows which support this game are:-XP/Vista/7/8+8.1
Size of this Game :- 2.1 GB
Space on Hard disk you need:- 8 GB
Random Access Memory (RAM):-  3 GB
Central Processing Unit(CPU):-  Intel i3 or later.
Online and full secure link of the Ginger Beyond the Crystal Free Download is below ,Click and download fully freely and enjoy the game.