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Ghost Blade HD

The game was released on 8th March, 2017.

Ghost Blade HD Download Free

Ghost Blade HD is the game which have so interesting story. It moves around artificial human made intelligence Shira. This artificial intelligence was made ten thousand years ago for the purpose of protection of Mars. Shira become degraded by the time pass and start attacking the Mars itself. Noe the martians are under huge problem and they don’t know what to do. So they call help from the earth.

Laser is used by the inhabitants of the Earth to destroy the corrupt Shira. Shira get activated again as it have the backup system. It takes over a station of the Mars in the space. Earth inhabitant knows about it a few time later. So when they come to know they send their bravest army to fight with that evil artificial human made intelligence. Player is given the job of the pilot and his mission is to fight the Shira and destroy it completely. Number of stages in the game ar 5 and each one is different from the previous. Three modes are included which are

  • Easy mode
  • Normal mode
  • Hard mode

Game play of the game is so deep. Graphics of the game are real space like and the soundtrack are adding affect. You will enjoy playing this game.

Ghost Blade HD Download For Free

Major Properties of Ghost Blade HD

The following features are there as follow:-

Great action game.

Revolves around  Artificial Intelligence evil, Shira.

Help the martian to solve the problem.

Player have to act as a pilot.

Levels are 5 and hard.

Gameplay is deep.

Ghost Blade HD Features

PC Requirements of Ghost Blade HD

These are the Minimum Requirements For This Game:-

The Windows which support this game are:-XP/Vista/7/8+8.1

Size of this Game :- Intel Core 2 Duo or later.

Space on Hard disk you need:- 1 GB

Random Access Memory (RAM):- 995 MB

Central Processing Unit(CPU):- 1 GB

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Ghost Blade HD Free Download