Game Setup Corruption Reasons & Solution

Dear Fans,

First of all Let me share that we test and play every game before uploading. Still some people complain that Game is corrupt and giving error etc. So we thought to guide our beloved users.

Because we respect your Time and Effort in Downloading Games and using your bandwidth. So we really want you to enjoy the game instead of getting errors. So we thought to write this detailed guide.


Major Reasons of Errors

1. Turn Off Anti-virus [MOST IMPORTANT STEP]

Always Keep your anti-virus OFF before starting download. This is because Anti-virus corrupts game setup. Some game files are removed by Anti-virus. This is false positive alert.

Because Game companies pay anti-virus companies to stop full Games (Which are played without purchasing).

So don’t worry and just turn off All anti-virus in your PC.

  1. Turn off Windows Defender from Control Panel.
  2. Turn off other anti-virus like Avast, Avira or Mcafee etc from Taskbar.

These steps should have been done before starting downloads.

2. Use IDM Software For Download

  • Download games using IDM. This gives fast speed and download Files without errors. It also gives resume capability. Because the normal download sometimes gets corrupt.
  • If you use Mozilla the use DownTheAll Addon in Mozilla it also gives great speed with resume capability.

Extracting The Game

ZIP File

  • You must Download and Install Winrar Sofwtare.
  • Right click on Game .zip file and choose “Extract Here“.

ISO Files

  • You must Download and Install UltraISO Sofwtare.
  • Right Click on Game setup .ISO file and choose “Mount to Drive” option under UltraISO option.

DON’T Extract ISO Files. It may corrupt the game.


Fixing Other Runtime Errors

If you want to play every game. Make sure your PC has installed all below pre requisites files.

Directx 9

Direct x11

Visual C++ Redist Packages (Install Every 32bit and 64bit Files from this Package).

Steam (Most of the games need it. Download it and Install. Create a Free Account and Keep your account logged in inside Steam Software on PC).

Origin (This is required by some games. Download it and Install. Create a Free Account and Keep your account logged in inside Origin Software on PC

We launched this site for Installation Videos. We are in process of posting video for every game. Follow this carefully as well. Each post contains Installation Video for Game.


Still Got Issues??


If you have followed all above steps and still your game is giving errors. Then Provide us following things under Game Article.

  • Name of Game
  • MD5 Checksum. (This will tell us if your Download is corrupt or not. Use MD5 Tool to calculate the MD5 Number and share under the game article.

We’ll ONLY support the error request where MD5 Value will Match the actual Value. Because we receive huge volume of upload requests. Whereas we spend most of the time in testing games and they work great in end.



There are lot of heavy gamers who visit our site regularly. Every game they tested works. You can have a look on their profiles as well. There comments show that each and every game works.


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