Free Classic Snake Game

Free Classic Snake Game Download  you guide a  very funny green snake that crawling through the grass looking for various fruits to eat.

Play it Level by level and pass more obstacles appear in the snake way and turning the game into an entertaining puzzle to play.

So it is so simple and easy to play that small child can play it,eat a strawberry is hidden and there and food a bit further, a slice of watermelon has just flashed. You should  also manage to find an apple or a lemon. The snake swallows a fruits and  it grows up and get bigger and bigger it becomes more difficult for it to move.

Some of the major features of Classic Snake Game Download
Having Quailaty of graphics is very good
Sound is very compatiable
This game Easy to play
Language in which is game is English

These are the Minimum Requirements For This Game:-
The Windows which support this game are:-Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Random Access Memory (RAM):- 256 MB
Central Processing Unit(CPU):-x86, 800 MHz